The Forest Stewardship Program (FSP)

The Forest Stewardship Program (FSP) works to increase forest health and vigor. Landowners receive assistance in developing a Forest Stewardship Plan, which includes soil maps, topographic maps, and lists of endangered species. Landowners are given specific recommendations to enhance the health of their forest. This program works with the Forestland Enhancement Program (FLEP) to implement recommendations.

Land Use Forestland
Type of Program Technical assistance
Resource Concern Soil erosion, Water quality, Wildlife habitat
Environmental Purpose Based on the landowner’s objective for their property, a “Forest Stewardship Plan” is developed that takes into consideration timber values and growth, soil and water conservation, recreation, aesthetics, and wildlife conservation.
Landowner Benefits Landowners are provided with technical expertise on all aspects of forest management, from the development of priorities to the specifics of various management techniques. Forest professionals assess the current state of the timber, wildlife, soil, water, recreational, and aesthetic resources of the property and determine various courses of action landowners can take to achiever their objectives for the property.
Description This program includes the development of a “Forest Stewardship Plan.” A typical “Forest Stewardship Plan” will include topographic maps, aerial photographs, soil maps, wetlands areas, lists of rare, threatened, or endangered species, and specific recommendations to enhance recovery. Also provided are summaries of forest products market information, relevant regulations regarding wetlands and highly erodible soils, best management practices, and streamside management zones.
Costs to Landowner Landowners will pay for any management activities they elect to implement on their property. This program does not directly provide funds for the management recommendations it provides. Landowners with a Forest Stewardship Plan will be eligible for Forestland Enhancement Program (FLEP) cost-share payments.
Eligibility Landowners with at least ten acres of non-industrial forests.
  1. Landowners are not obligated to follow the recommendations established by theForest Stewardship Program (FSP).
Other Notes Industrial forestlands are not eligible. Parcels under 10 acres are typically not eligible but there is no maximum acreage limitations.
Landowner Initiation
  • Contact your state forester or conservation district office where you own land.
  • Ask about the Forest Stewardship Program (FSP).