The Conservation Technical Assistance Program (CTA)

The Conservation Technical Assistance Program (CTA) is designed to educate landowners on how to conserve, maintain, and improve their natural resources so landowners can make informed decisions. The federal government will provide free assistance to include expertise, information, and tools necessary for conservation of natural resources and land active in agricultural, forestry, or related uses. This program does not provide financial assistance but can serve as the basis to enter into other government conservation programs.

Land Use Cropland, Grazing land, Recreational land, Forestland
Focus Technical assistance
Resource Concern Soil erosion, Water quality, Wildlife habitat, Air quality
Purpose The environmental purpose is to reduce soil loss from erosion, and address soil water quality, water conservation, air quality, and agricultural waste management problems. It works to improve the quality of fish and wildlife habitat as well as the long-term sustainability of lands.
Landowner Benefits The landowner benefits from opportunities to maintain and improve private land and its management, implement land management technologies, protect and improve the quality and quantity of water, maintain and improve wildlife and fish habitats, enhance recreational opportunities, maintain and improve the aesthetic character of private land, identify opportunities, encourage diversification, and encourage the use of sustainable agricultural systems.
Description The Conservation Technical Assistance Program (CTA) is a voluntary program that provides technical assistance supported by technology and tools to help people conserve, maintain, and improve their natural resources. Technical assistance is the help provided directly (by USDA staff), through a third party, or through producers (who hired a certified provider) to clients to address opportunities, concerns, and problems related to the use of natural resources. This program may serve as a basis for landowners to enter into financial assistance and easement conservation programs provided by other federal, state, or local programs.
Practices Development of a conservation plan.
Costs to Landowner None
Eligibility All owners, managers, and others who have a stake and interest in natural resource management are eligible.
Contract None
Other Notes
Landowner Initiation
  • Contact your local Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)
  • Ask about receiving technical assistance.